Dutch for expatriates



As we live in Flanders it is important to communicate in the local language. You will understand more about everyday life, you will be appreciated for the efforts that you make to learn the language and you will feel more integrated. 

We offer packages of 20 hours Dutch for expatriates, in blocks of 10 times 2 hours.

 In these 10 lessons we study the following subjects areas:
1. Presentation, pronunciation, spelling, numbers, basic sentences, say telephone number.
2. Question words, learn how to ask questions, days of the week, months of the year, regular verbs present tense
3. Description family, plural nouns. Talking about daily activities. Use of adjectives.
4. Asking for the way, grocery shopping, negation.
5. Hours, asking for the time, at what time does the train, bus, plane leave, understanding timetables.
6. Filling in a form, booking a table in a restaurant, making reservation in a hotel .
7. Understanding a menu in ra estaurant, vocabulary meals and food.   
8. Making/cancelling an appointment,
9. Going to the doctor, vocabulary human body.
10. Weather, weatherforecast, vocabulary.
During the entire course we spend time on basic grammar, verbs in present and past tense, word order, negation, plural of nouns, prepositions, adjectives, degrees of comparison, possessive pronouns.
From the first moment we encourage you to speak by using our specially designed language cards; the perfect tool to enhance communication.